Studies on the concentration in blood and the distribution in organs of sulfisomezole and sulfisomidine in chickens

1963 Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association  
Either sulfisomezole or sulfisomidine was administered orally to chickens at a dose of 100mg per kg of body weight. Then the concentration of each sulfonamide in the blood was determined. Sulfisomezole was especially studies for its distribution in the. organs. The results obtained are as follows 1) The concentration of sulfisomezole in the blood was significantly higher than that of sulfis-omidine. 2) The former drug was distributed almost all organs in the body. It showed the lowest
more » ... he lowest distribution level in the brain and the highest level both in the kidney and the crop. The other organs, i.e., the cecum, the muscle, the spleen, the proventriculus, the gizzard, the heart, the small intestine, the liver, the lung, and the trachea, were between these organs, so far as the distribution level is concerned.
doi:10.12935/jvma1951.16.454 fatcat:js4dgtmy2jhfzc5z753przzrrq