Development of a Vibratory Roller with Automatic Compaction Data Processing Functions

H Fujikawa', T Kiriyamab, M Fukudà, N Inabad
This is a vibratory roller with an automatic compaction data processing functions capable of performing compaction work by monitoring the compaction degree in a nondestructive method. The roller is equipped on its main body with a travel-type RI sensor to measure density in real time and sensors to measure the position of the vehicle itself and a control system. The development of this system has made it possible to show to the operator the status of compaction in progress in the form of a
more » ... the form of a compaction map so that he may perform roller compaction as he confirms the status of the work. The final compaction data will be stored in IC cards so that they may be used for field operation control and as inspection data. The development of this product has been carried out as a part of the overall technological development project Development of New Working Technology in Construction Industries" of the Ministry of Construction. The members of this joint development project include, in addition to those shown above,