A Review Paper on Farming Machine

C Sakhale
2016 IJIRST-International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology|   unpublished
India is an agriculture based country in which, 70% of people depends on the outcome of farming. But if we observe that with increase in population the farm gets distributed among the family and because of this, farmer in India held averagely only two acre farm. Also economically, farmers are very poor due to which they are unable to purchase tractors and other costly equipments hence they use traditional method of farming. Basically, many farmers in India also use bullocks, horses and
more » ... horses and he-buffalo for farming operation. This will not satisfy need of energy requirement of the farming as compared to other countries in the world. So we are thinking that human and animal efforts can be replaced by some advance mechanization which will be suitable for small scale farmer from economical and effort point of view. So we are developing this equipment which will satisfy all this need and to solve labour problem. In this equipment we used 24cc engine for digging operation and for spraying used motor with 12V battery. Next two operations are manual base which is cultivation and sowing. This machine perform four farming operation (digging, sowing, cultivation, spraying) which is used small scale farming. By using above attachments one may perform various farming operations in less time and economically.