Web Service Authentication and Multilevel Security

M. Thiyagarajan, Chaitanya Raveendra, V. Thiagarasu
2015 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Objective: The objective of the work is the implementation of trusted system in network security. The problem has been identified as minimizing the time and space complexity while adding the vertices and edges in the implementation of zero knowledge protocol using Graph Isomorphism, the identification of the classes of the graph and the distribution of the isomorphic graphs as the private keys in public key cryptosystems for authentication. Methods: Guillou-Quisquarter algorithm is used as
more » ... thm is used as basic zero knowledge protocol. An adjacency matrix is generated by reordering the vertices and communicated for authentication. Constructed the isomorphic graph using the nauty algorithm and classify this to each set of users. Nauty algorithm is used to check for the isomorphism of graphs which uses the canonical method using partitions and search tree. Implemented the partition algorithm and generated the search tree. Three graphs are generated as sample data. We have used the toy example of Bank Loan to implement the new method. Findings: The improvised algorithm minimizes the time and space complexity. We have increased the vertices and proved that the time complexity won't increase with the increase in the number of vertices. We have identified the classes of graph for each set of users for authentication. This graph is given as the key in public key cryptosystems for the implementation of trusted system. Isomorphic graph is generated as the key for each set of users to implement the multilevel security. Thus the authentication and the multilevel security aspects have been handled by the use of class of isomorphic graphs and Guillou Quisquarter protocol. Application: We have identified the area of application in the implementation of I/O automata, finite state machines and timed machines for authenticating against the set of resources.
doi:10.17485/ijst/2015/v8i15/73850 fatcat:aaxfgigud5b5namehuqupslbdq