Construction of Database Design-A Reverse Engineering Process

N Asha, M Varun Kumar, C Kumar, Mca
Rapid Software Applications Development are getting more pervasive, and it is becoming increasingly necessary for Design Details of applications that run and are widespread. We introduce a novel approach for constructing the Entity Relation Model (E-R) and Class Diagram with minimal user intervention. The design overcomes technical challenges that involves E-R diagram by introducing an interface that only provokes user for the Code location and Database location that provides the user with
more » ... the user with Database design whose responsibility is to discover the need of the same. Then user can make further additions to the constructed. The .NET (pronounced dot net) Framework is one of the popular platform that runs extensively on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework has a large Library for base classes which provides Interface for the user (GUI), Access data, Database connectivity, etc. Hence through the language interoperability with the Microsoft SQL Server database, Database Design can be constructed.