Role of MOSFETs Transconductance Parameters and Threshold Voltage in CMOS Inverter Behavior in DC Mode [post]

Milaim Zabeli, Nebi Caka, Myzafere Limani, Qamil Kabashi
2017 unpublished
The objective of this paper is to research the impact of electrical and physical parameters that characterize the complementary MOSFET transistors (NMOS and PMOS transistors) in the CMOS inverter for static mode of operation. In addition to this, the paper also aims at exploring the directives that are to be followed during the design phase of the CMOS inverters that enable designers to design the CMOS inverters with the best possible performance, depending on operation conditions. The CMOS
more » ... rter designed with the best possible features also enables the designing of the CMOS logic circuits with the best possible performance, according to the operation conditions and designers’ requirements.
doi:10.20944/preprints201707.0084.v1 fatcat:wxn5y7s5abcknajjjfknbbktly