Towards a Fuzzy Context Logic [chapter]

Hedda Schmidtke
2021 Fuzzy Systems [Working Title]  
A key step towards trustworthy, reliable and explainable, AI is bridging the gap between the quantitative domain of sensor-actuator systems and the qualitative domain of intelligent systems reasoning. Fuzzy logic is a well-known formalism suitable for aiming at this gap, featuring a quantitative mechanism that at the same time adheres to logical principles. Context logic is a two-layered logical language originally aimed at pervasive computing systems for reasoning about and within context,
more » ... , changing logical environments. Both logical languages are linguistically motivated. This chapter uncovers the close connection between the two logical languages presenting two new results. First, a proof is presented that context logic with a lattice semantics can be understood as an extension of fuzzy logic. Second, a fuzzification for context logic is proposed. The resulting language, which can be understood as a two-layered fuzzy logic or as a fuzzified context logic, expands both fields in a novel manner.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.95624 fatcat:hao6gv6f7jaqjgrmbfcm3i7rl4