Maryland Gazette November 1776

(:Unkn) Unknown
O N, Julj 14.. packet, air'wtd. tri gtntral. D frfm at FaliMutb, Jnm ef the Li/boa Li/boa, tt tbt ft/I hny ing AT UK DAY, June 15, received two mails from Mr. Hell tor the Duke «f York packet, and (ailed lor Li(bon, in company with the Anna Tberela and Eagle packets; 1 uefday, _ June *5, arrived at Lifbon, with the Eagle cktt in company, and off the bar (aw a fleet of French "cn of war, confiding of-fix lail of tbe line, two friatcs, two (loops, a brig, and two cutters j the ajth arjvcd'lix
more » ... ot bpanim men of war in the i agus. On ay, the 8th of July atterwards, we (ailed in com-\vith the tpanilh fleet, which confuted ot three 'of the line, one frigate, and two (loops j in the iiii" law lour fail more ot Spanifh (hips ot war goin,°three lail of the lino, and one frigate; tne French eet (ailed to the northward. « en the 4th of July, his molt faithful majelty of 'ortugal ilfutd a decree, prohibiting ail (hips and vef-1s belonging to Britifh America entering into .my its of tne dominions of Portugal, anu in c.-.fe they iituild arrive, prohibiting any ot his lubjcits from givtlu'in any luccour, but immediately turning them ut «>f tlie ports; and for thole in the ports, immeditdy atter eiglit d;;ys from tlu above date j and in tale t (t'lobcdieuce, ait 1'uch (hips or veiVels are to be con-..cated to the u>e and beiuht ot the public works; and n cale of departure, a Uriel charge is given to the out-arJ ci.nunada to icarch them, that tney do riot carry th them any implcineats ot war. I am, my lords, . . ;. Your lordlhips obedient, Humble (ervant, " fa!m?*tl>, J*lj to. JOHN. RICHARDS.", A new plan is laid to be on foot for extending th« ide with KuiTia, in confeqvience of the deleft in our ionics. This trade will chiefly be carried on to the rt of Archangel. ; wo battalions from the foot, and a coufUerable raft from the royal regiment ol artillery, are oidcred it, we .hear, to reinforce the gurriloiu ot Gibraltar d Minorca. . . , . I he latt accounts from t!ie Mediterranean fny that Englifh (quadron of five men of* war and two In-; <; was fhortly expcdted there. Vlie realon afhgncd on account ot Jeveral of the veflell with the Mcclnernt;. Capt. bheal iyr. he read therein, among others, a resolution of the cr.cral congrcls, ligncd " J»bn Hancock,'"' ordering nd diredting that his majeily's name (houlii be eraled it ot all and every putnic inltrumcnts, records, deeds, r. and that no relpedt wliutfoevcr mould be obljci vcd any prrlon deriving or claiming by or under his malily's government, &'_. . ; . . 1 bublm, 'Jv'ji 19. We hear that inftructions from the brdi coinmiittoners of the admiralty of orcat-iKitain rrived here by the laft packet, for t'te condemnation If alt American mips and merchandile that may be iken by any (hip of war or priv ateer, and brought into piy poit of this Kingdom, and confilcating the fame, as l\vlul pr.zes for tbe ufe of the captprs. It is., not oubted but that many Ipirited, merchants will fi^oiit ^uizers to enrich thenuclves at the ejtpcnce'ot our re-[elliuus fut'jecls, notwithltanding the prevailing facjuus difpulition of too many in Ireland, who (eein to fifh fucce «to the arms of their traits Atlantic friends, ft alto hear that, in expectation of this eVent, the free itizens, and other patriotic focieties in Dublin, .are fifing fub.criptions for the u'le of fuch American rewi as (hall be confined in the gaols ot this kingdom, i rliey happen to be brought in. PORTSMOUTH, OOeber y. . I Yelterday arrived here the brigantine Marqultof " ' " capt. 1 homas Fainter, in fcven weeks from ux, with a cargo o( military (lores, &c., He Itorms us the French .treated him. with the utmolt Intlnefs, and teemed ready to dp every thing in th' N.. E W B U R Y -P ,0 R T, OBfbtr 18. ., . Yefterday came in here a prize brig, bound to White-Haven, laden chiefly wi;b mahogany, the wa's tukuu about a fortnight ago by the Hancock privateer, capt. Wingate Newman.
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