Chemiluminescence from mixtures of Ba+CO2 and Ba+CO

John B. West, Helen M. Poland
1977 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Broad banded chemiluminescence has been detected from the reaction of BafCO, and Ba+CO in a heat pipe. Extending from 500 to 1150 nm, the spectrum of this flame exhibits several prominent peaks. The emitting species has not been identified; however, evidence favors a polyatomic molecule. The observation of such chemiluminescence from apparently endoergic reactions is of interest and importance for the understanding of chemiluminescent processes A bright red-orange flame has been observed from
more » ... een observed from the reaction of Ba+CO,. This same spectrum, but weaker in intensity, has also been detected from the reaction of Ba +CO. The reactions take place in a heat pipe reactor at pressures of approximately 100 Pa and temperatures around 1125 K. Observed flame spectra extend from 500 to 1150 nm and have continuumlike appearance with several broad features. One of the most prominent spectral features occurs near 850 nm and in the following discussion, the term "850 nm system" w i l l refer to the entire observed emission system.
doi:10.1063/1.434178 fatcat:dxyje3v46zcp7f3pqcuuqbpocu