Behavior Problems Antedating Epilepsy Onset

J Gordon Millichap
2001 Pediatric Neurology Briefs  
London SE5 8AZ, England). COMMENT. In this study conducted only in boys, inattentive behavior is a developmental risk factor for impairment of general cognitive functioning, poor reading and language skills, and a low self-esteem in school. In contrast to boys with hyperactivity and combined ADHD, pure inattentive behavior is not associated with increased susceptibility to conduct problems or disturbed family relationships. Early recognition of ADD-inattentive subtype should allow prompt
more » ... allow prompt interventional treatment. Although boys outnumber girls with a 4:1 ratio for ADHD-HI subtype, the sex ratio is lower (2:1) for the ADHD-Inattentive type. Inattentiveness is relatively more prevalent among girls with ADHD, and any sexrelated cognitive and social risk factors would be of interest.
doi:10.15844/pedneurbriefs-15-1-4 fatcat:jhbfgt62xzcdjfrp5spbbk7hfy