Analysis on the Improvement of Thermal Performance of Phase Change Material Ba (OH)2·8H2O

Xiaohui Lu, Xiaoxue Luo, Shibo Cao, Changzhen Zou
2021 Energies  
Benefitting from the characteristics of a high latent heat capacity and stable phase change behavior, phase change materials have widely received concerns in the field of thermodynamic management. Ba(OH)2·8H2O is an ideal phase change material (PCM) in the mid-to-low temperature range, but its large-scale application is still limited by severe supercooling during the nucleation process. In this paper, the experimental analysis and comparison are performed via an Edisonian approach, where
more » ... ·8H2O is adopted as an original substrate; BaCO3, CaCl2, NaCl, KH2PO4, and NaOH are selected as nucleating agents; and graphite is used as a heat-conducting agent. The results show that Ba(OH)2·8H2O containing 1.2% BaCO3 and 0.2% graphite powder has the best performance. Compared with pure Ba(OH)2·8H2O, the supercooling degree is reduced to less than 1 °C, the phase change latent heat duration is extended, and the thermal conductivity is significantly improved. Therefore, this study not only provides a reference for the application of Ba(OH)2·8H2O, but can also be used as a guidance for other material modifications.
doi:10.3390/en14227761 fatcat:qbi3q6kyhvau5nfjpsyvyaotiu