A04 Observations on the population dynamics of Aedes aegypti in the suburbs of Guatemala City
A04 グアテマラ市郊外におけるネッタイシマカの発生動態に関する観察

K. Ogata, Antonio L. Samayoa, Victor A. Barrios
1997 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
South Sulawesi throughout the year ( March 1995( March − 1996 . The number of ハed 台s egg particularly in outdoor ovitraps increased at the onse 業of the rainy season ( Nov ) in Barrul while it increased in mid ・ rainy season ( Jan ) in Ujungpandang . ln the dry season ( Jun − Oct ) , the number of the eggs reduced in Barru, bu壮 not reduced in UjungPandang ・Aedes aeg ン ' pti was dominant in indoor ovitraps in Barru in the dry season , while Ae . a / bo ρ ictus was dominant in outdoor ovitraps
more » ... utdoor ovitraps throughout the year ・
doi:10.7601/mez.48.23_2 fatcat:tgalgd6zvzaaxmzk6yumv7fvg4