On the Existence of Pure-Strategy Equilibria in Large Games

Guilherme Carmona, Konrad Podczeck
2008 Social Science Research Network  
Over the years, several formalizations and existence results for games with a continuum of players have been given. These include those of Schmeidler (1973), Rashid (1983) , Mas-Colell (1984) , Khan and Sun (1999) and Podczeck (2007a) . The level of generality of each of these existence results is typically regarded as a criterion to evaluate how appropriate is the corresponding formalization of large games. In contrast, we argue that such evaluation is pointless. In fact, we show that, in a
more » ... show that, in a precise sense, all the above existence results are equivalent. Thus, all of them are equally strong and therefore cannot rank the different formalizations of large games.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1299031 fatcat:cdq3fdl46van3ihml2qdmekyj4