Current Trends and Perspectives of Detection and Location for Buried Non-Metallic Pipelines

Liang Ge, Changpeng Zhang, Guiyun Tian, Xiaoting Xiao, Junaid Ahmed, Guohui Wei, Ze Hu, Ju Xiang, Mark Robinson
2021 Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
AbstractBuried pipelines are an essential component of the urban infrastructure of modern cities. Traditional buried pipes are mainly made of metal materials. With the development of material science and technology in recent years, non-metallic pipes, such as plastic pipes, ceramic pipes, and concrete pipes, are increasingly taking the place of pipes made from metal in various pipeline networks such as water supply, drainage, heat, industry, oil, and gas. The location technologies for the
more » ... on of the buried metal pipeline have become mature, but detection and location technologies for the non-metallic pipelines are still developing. In this paper, current trends and future perspectives of detection and location of buried non-metallic pipelines are summarized. Initially, this paper reviews and analyzes electromagnetic induction technologies, electromagnetic wave technologies, and other physics-based technologies. It then focuses on acoustic detection and location technologies, and finally introduces emerging technologies. Then the technical characteristics of each detection and location method have been compared, with their strengths and weaknesses identified. The current trends and future perspectives of each buried non-metallic pipeline detection and location technology have also been defined. Finally, some suggestions for the future development of buried non-metallic pipeline detection and location technologies are provided.
doi:10.1186/s10033-021-00613-z fatcat:bffrpwkoyza5pgraj6t32lked4