Evaluation of Biogas Slurry as An Alternative Organic Fertilizer: A Case Study in Kenya

Nyang'au Jared, Gatebe Erastus, Nyagah Christopher, Ahenda Steve
Chemical fertilizers have proven not to be the most appropriate solution to poor nutrient supply and poor soil structure in low input agricultural production systems especially in Kenya. There is need to explore alternative source of nutrients to be used by small scale farmers to enhance sustainable agriculture and also promote organic farming. Chemical analysis of biogas slurry (bio-slurry), to be evaluated as an alternative organic fertilizer was carried out and its nutritional composition
more » ... onal composition compared to other organic fertilizers. Descriptive statistics on the results indicated that the mean percentage concentration of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium were relatively high in bio-slurry as compared to slurry compost and farmyard manure at 2.14±0.6233, 1.37±0.888 and 0.70±0.3684 respectively. The findings from ANOVA indicated that there was a significant statistical difference in the nutritional composition of the bio-slurry with farmyard manure and slurry compost (P<0.05).The recommendations from this study will be used by agricultural laboratories in Kenya which do soil fertility advice to farmers to give guidance on the appropriate rate of application based on the estimated concentrations and also multipurpose benefits of the bio-slurry which is regarded as a waste to improve agricultural productions and soil structure.