Stark effect of atomic sodium measured in a hollow cathode plasma by Doppler‐free spectroscopy

F. Moreno, J. M. Alvarez, J. C. Amaré, E. Bernabeu
1984 Journal of Applied Physics  
The Stark widths of the 5896-A.. (3 2 PI /2-3 2S I d neutral sodium hyperfine lines in the presence of charged perturbers were measured by means oflaser saturation spectroscopy. The plasma containing the sodium atoms and the perturbers was generated in a hollow cathode discharge. The Baranger and Brechot theories for the line shape of neutral atom transitions in a plasma has been extended to hyperfine structure and applied to the hyperfine components of sodium D I line. The theoretical and
more » ... imental results were compared and the electronic density and temperature in the discharge were evaluated.
doi:10.1063/1.334238 fatcat:2qchoonqffcbjgif7rkdx65fni