V. Nikitchenko, L. Kirdei, S. Gordeev, V. Tolmachov
2020 Наукові праці Державного науково-дослідного інституту випробувань і сертифікації озброєння та військової техніки  
When analyzing typical assault aviation combat missions, the most common objects for each aircraft actions should be identified, a preliminary estimate of their distance from the front line has to be provided, and one of the objects should be selected as the typical target for evaluating the aircraft effectiveness. A destruction of a typical target by an aircraft with a certain probability is one of the main components of the assault aviation aircraft effectiveness, but it does not fully
more » ... es not fully characterize the effectiveness of the aircraft. In the course of assault aircraft combat mission accomplishment, the generally accepted approach is identification the four aircraft flight phases with a purpose of destruction a surface target. As a combat mission for assault aircraft the striking for destruction an enemy airfield or division of guided missiles can be considered. The choice of flight route and profile is related to the assessment of the enemy's actual areas of engagement to determine the line of maneuvering. The feature of devastating effect of attack ammunition is the conditional law of target destruction. For the means of destruction of a remote action the feature of devastating effect of attack ammunition is a cumulative effect of each munitions at known coordinates of impact points. For the means of destruction which are used in cluster bombs, as a result of small caliber live ammunition scattering the total area of destruction is created. The cover area for single cluster bomb is ellipse shaped. Thus, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the assault aviation aircraft employment it is advisable to use an indicator such as the effectiveness of the aircraft in one combat sortie. Evaluation of aircraft effectiveness in one sortie consists of estimates of the probability for penetration the means of air defense, the probability of target detection, the probability of target attack, the probability of target destruction and reliability of aviation equipment. For assault aviation, the effectiveness of an aircraft in a single combat sortie has the notion of a total probability of a target destruction or a mathematical expectation of a target destruction.
doi:10.37701/dndivsovt.3.2020.11 fatcat:ggnzdqkq5jcdhhc3tmhiin2c3e