Flow Analysis and Heat Transfer of Nanofluid Flow in Different Geometries: A Review with Focus on Recent Development

Zeeshan A
2021 Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal  
In a thermo-dynamical system loss of energy takes the centre of attention. Laws of thermodynamics stated that energies of the system cannot be lost, but this energy could be engaged to perform useful work, or wastefully lost in form of rises in temperature of the system. It is eminent to control the factors which act in rising values of loss in energy. Nanofluids uses nanosized particles with very high thermal conductivity uniformly distributed in base fluids which increases the conductivity of
more » ... the base fluid ridiculously. Nanofluid play a vital role in reducing the loss of energy and improve heat conduction. An effort has been made in this paper is to carry out an extensive review of the literature regarding Nanofluid in recent years. Some basic components and properties of nanofluids are deeply elaborated in this article. Preparation of nanofluids perform a very significant role in recent decades. The new advanced results in nanofluids helps the reader to clarify their concepts are argued using two major dynamical models.
doi:10.23880/ppej-16000245 fatcat:bonclr65qravpdgo7n7wd2f4ou