The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, February 25, 1915] [article]

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J!j*L>nibMrUrde on the co».t our nrllllery Uemolltli-. , UoA houee nnd eome of the looltonti the Ch*mi»»n« country we the new poilllone which ntuck* were repuleed. Our threw »Uty bombe on the Itff itllway ftatlon and on train* and (MIMtratloni ot the enemy. ThU Ig^midmeat wa* »ery effectlre. ^I^t^orart of Araonne at Marie the enemy made an attack vMek V* cheeked. Hetween the Arud the Hirer Meu»* In fheppj ,god. we made further proare**. Our b«rr artillery deetroyed ay. th*y affirmed. I* both
more » ... teat of the the lo-n to aee thIa won day. The film I* of no lea* than 2000 fwet and come* In two reel*. Tbe Sampaon Motor Company are the lo cal agenta. IMPORTANT PUBLIC MELTINCTONKHT A meeting of all intereated in Inaaimarkal It teat, the merch.n. bv Mimrkal. it teat* the merchant b> du,rlci will be held tonight In »u^ Ue tocal market by demon farmers ™ particular, in con.eouence of the Euopportaalty such aa cornea very ex ' mpire with food and agrl-Oay that they are helping tl.o'cliy i!?"' "■*. *"r"'i-itu';.rp7o7;ct.'."an; ai.oTn';;r. •Mlteix on Saturday next, aince th-lr u""e0ttlng the Canadian being acaniied mduatry at a time when aup piles from moat of the other produc ing countrlei are cut off from i world markela day of j q-|,p »ppabera tonight will Include Prof Klinck. Dean of tlie Agricul tural Faculty In the new univeralty of Hritlah Columbia; Dr S F Tol-Itumaefoaa the gulf, not to menti.m Ih* rare chance* offered them In tl.o nr at moat unuanal value*. War Day will be the one ttaynr whan the Dollar w PM It Immediate bargaloa. vulut-. Md pay alto Indirectly by allmu!.vtlnR n enterpris ; I Dominion of Canada, and Mr W. II ' ^ i Hayward. M P.P.. for Cowichan. W»nm-RK8 ATTHK Chairman of the Royal Comml.alon BUUC TtiXUaiT on Agriculture, who recently deliver ____ ' ed a lecture here before a large audlla addttloD to the regular program I enre of farmer* on Agriculture and •hli evening at tbe liljou the man IToductlon •wneut will throw upon the acreeii ' Mu.vor Plania ' will occupy tlie •ha UtMt photoa of the great Ford cl.nlr at the meeting, which It la to aeturing plant. All thuac m-hoped will be very largely atin pnrchaaea are particu tended/ HCANADA* Ford Runabout Price $540 *. P FIRTH. Agent. 'HETHA& D. P. A. Satnrday wUl be Dollar Watch for further ann( City Taxi Oo. our mud Night. a"<, Canadian __ Pacific ^ ■•c.c.a j'S.S. Princess Patricia Nanaimo to Vanoonvor, dally exceot Sunday at 8:00 a. m. Vancouver to Nanaimo, dally exceot Sunder at 8.00 p. m. 8.8. Oharmer N^rimo to Onion Bay and Comox Wedneaday and Friday at 1:16 pjn. Nanaimo to Vaacouver, Thursday end Saturday at 8:16 p. couver to " Friday at 8:00 a. m. *• "i* H. W. BRODIE, Q. P. A. J. B. McORBQOR ■ORGEO.V DENTIST Or.eee Baxter Block CommercUl Street. meats Juicy. Young. Tender.
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