The Role of Business Schools in Entrepreneurial Development of rural areas of India through Entrepreneurial Education

Kalpana Singh, Asst
Entrepreneurship is a dynamic activity which helps the entrepreneurs to bring changes in the process of production, innovation in production, new usage of materials, creation of markets etc. It is a mental attitude to foresee risk and uncertainty with a view to achieve certain strong motive. It also means doing something in a new and effective manner. The increasing economy on India can be given boosted by preparing youngsters for participating in creative activities. This is the responsibility
more » ... the responsibility of present educational system to prepare the students for entrepreneurial leadership and to attain success in life. Education plays the role of a key factor in entrepreneurial orientation of youth. The entrepreneurs are prepared by business school inside the four walls of educational institutions. The business schools can inculcate the entrepreneurial values in youth by nurturing their creative and leadership qualities through the educational opportunities of learning about entrepreneurship. These can inspire students to participate in creative activities, can create interest in students to participate in entrepreneurial activities and can engage them in entrepreneurial and meaningful learning. The business schools can aware the students to study the courses helpful in understanding the development of Indian rural areas and can develop confidence in youth to complete their aims of developing the economy of rural areas and also improving the living standard of these people. However, entrepreneurs in rural areas are confronted with a unique set of challenges that are not generally encountered in developed areas. These challenges are derived mainly from the varying degrees of accessibility of rural areas, the small size and low population densities of rural communities, their social and economic composition, and the nature of internal and external linkages.