Reviewing, Analyzing, and Criticizing the Printed Version of Faizi Fayyazi's Poetical Works

Seyyed Rastgoofar, Mohammad Resalatpanahi
2018 Textual Criticism of Persian Literature   unpublished
This research reviews and criticizes poetical works of Faizi Fayyazi who was a famous and reputable poet in tenth century (15 th century AD) and was one of indisputable masters of Persian literature in Indian peninsula. Beside some imperfect lithographic transcription, in 1967, this poetic work was printed by research office of Pakistan and in 1362 (1983) the same print was offset printed by Forughi publication in Iran with some incorrect manipulations. The main question of this research is how
more » ... his research is how valid are these transcriptions and how far they can transfer the poet's intentions to reader. To answer these questions, we have reviewed and analyzed Faizi's poets (specifically lyrics) based on unfeigned and primeval manuscripts using scientific text correction methods and critical approach through comparing those manuscripts with printed transcriptions. With finding disruptions and distortions which were mainly the consequence of misread and/or editor's carelessness, we came to this conclusion that printed transcriptions except those distortions and disruptions, suffer from other handicaps like metre disorder, gaps, etc. and anywise are not meritorious to Faizi's poets. Therefore it's essential to scientifically reedit poetic works of this great poet.