The Effects of Pre-Exercise High Energy Drink on Exercise Performance in Physically Active Men and Women

Marko D. Stojanovic, Mirjana V. Stojanovic, Kristina Kanostrevac, Dragoljub Veljovic, Bojan Medjedovic, Sergej M. Ostojic
2011 Advances in Physical Education  
The effect of a pre-exercise energy sport drink on the exercise performance was examined in twenty recreationally active subjects. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research study design was conducted. Subjects underwent two testing session separated by 7 days, consisted of handgrip strength test, counrmovement (CMJ) and vertical jump (VJ) as well as incremental test to exhaustion on motorized treadmill. Before the second trial, they were randomly provided either a placebo
more » ... a placebo (PLA;maltodextrin) or the supplement (NP; commercially marketed as Ultimate Nox Pump TM, ). Analysis of variance revealed no differences between supplement and placebo group in strength, CMJ, VJ and maximal oxygen uptake (VO 2max ) (p > 0.05). Significant difference between groups over time was observed in maximal heart rate, heart rate recovery and time to exhaustion (p < 0.05). The present study indicate that a high energy drink consumed 40 minutes before exercise can enhance exercise performance by increasing the total time to fatigue during incremental testing.
doi:10.4236/ape.2011.11001 fatcat:ydcrjukfbnepxfueecamraxshu