A Fault Identification Method in Distillation Process Based on Dynamic Mechanism Analysis and Signed Directed Graph

Wende Tian, Shifa Zhang, Zhe Cui, Zijian Liu, Shaochen Wang, Ya Zhao, Hao Zou
2021 Processes  
Due to the complexity of materials and energy cycles, the distillation system has numerous working conditions difficult to troubleshoot in time. To address the problem, a novel DMA-SDG fault identification method that combines dynamic mechanism analysis based on process simulation and signed directed graph is proposed for the distillation process. Firstly, dynamic simulation is employed to build a mechanism model to provide the potential relationships between variables. Secondly, sensitivity
more » ... lysis and dynamic mechanism analysis in process simulation are introduced to the SDG model to improve the completeness of this model based on expert knowledge. Finally, a quantitative analysis based on complex network theory is used to select the most important nodes in SDG model for identifying the severe malfunctions. The application of DMA-SDG method in a benzene-toluene-xylene (BTX) hydrogenation prefractionation system shows sound fault identification performance.
doi:10.3390/pr9020229 fatcat:p7kpemqhdjeixoagdzn2mh66dm