Mean Paleomagnetic Poles for the Major Continents and the Pacific Plate [chapter]

Richard G. Gordon, Rob Van Der Voo
2013 AGU Reference Shelf  
Apparent polar wander is the motion of Earth's spin axis relative to a reference frame that is usually fixed relative to a tectonic plate or stable interior of a continent. The main method for estimating the past position of Earth's spin axis is through paleomagnetism, the investigation of the magnetic memory of rocks. Mean paleomagnetic poles, which average poles over about half a geologic period and typically differ in mean age by -20 to 30 millions of years, are presented for the major
more » ... for the major cratons over Phanerozoic time and are presented for more closely spaced ages for the Pacific plate since Late Jurassic time.
doi:10.1029/rf001p0225 fatcat:xaj5pecacjesjapm4yz5hvnkp4