July 1999 working group meeting on heavy vehicle aerodynamic drag: presentations and summary of comments and conclusions [report]

M Brady, F Browand, D Flowers, M Hammache, G Landreth, A Leonard, R McCallen, J Ross, W Rutledge, K Salari
1999 unpublished
The purpose of the meeting was to present technical details on the experimental and computational plans and approaches and provide an update on progress in obtaining experimental results, model developments, and simulations. The focus of the meeting was a review of University of Southern California's (USC) experimental plans and results and the computational results from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) for the integrated tractor-trailer
more » ... ark geometry called the Sandia Model. Much of the meeting discussion involved the NASA Ames 7 ft x 10 ft wind tunnel tests and the need for documentation of the results. The present and projected budget and funding situation was also discussed. Presentations were given by representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Transportation Technology Office of Heavy Vehicle Technology (OHVT), LLNL, SNL, USC, and California Institute of Technology (Caltech). This report contains the technical presentations (viewgraphs) delivered at the Meeting, briefly summarizes the comments and conclusions, and outlines the future action items. Summary of Major Issues There were 3 major issues raised at the meeting.
doi:10.2172/14676 fatcat:5qfv4jkj3ne3zkr7z5uzpeb7ii