A Note on Accounting Education in Vocational Schools and Its Quality

Fehmi Karasioğlu, Haluk Duman
2011 Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences  
Accounting is a way to shows the right ways that relates to the past in a healthy, complete and giving the right information and at the same time is a true thing to plan for the future and give effective decision. In other words while giving the information related to accounting it is also to get the reel decisions, to take the risk and confirm the opportunities which will show the ways in the future. To fulfill all these functions successfully those who assimilate "accounting business" are the
more » ... g business" are the ones who get a good education on accounting. It is true that the quality of education is related to many factors. To increase the quality in education, these factors should be confirmed, the reel economy demand should be considered and educational, students and the surrounding should be developed by technical learning. The development of a model in the accounting education during the four semesters that the students will get; moreover, the instructors should have the required information, skills and responsibilities on this issue. The educational model which has been established on computer environment by a program should be followed by a business or working on issues will lead. The education model / teaching and learning the model, the assessment of the exercise being open all the time and the performances of the teachers and the students should be estimated by the authorities. Additionally, the model being open on "company based on practice" and to make it compatible in the market it should include "work simulation". Finally, the students who will study accounting, business administration ect. in the departments at vocational school and the ones who accept it as a job should have a "career consultant" system to be settled and it should be operated actively. By this way the students will be able to reach to success by being guided and to keep the motivation alive in their future goals
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