Mascher's Stereoscopic Books

1856 Scientific American  
� _______________ �_ t_ ie _nt_ifi _t _�_m_ £ r_it _an_ + ______________ __ i � h,. the lower end of the coi� and takes up the I being compelled to pass through water con-I with another and larger cylinder, w�ch fo rms £lu !ll n,u£ntxDnS. heat from the pipes until it is converted into tained therein. This steam chamber commu-part of tho frame-work or foundatiOn of the steam, and is delivered into a strong cylinder nicates, by means of a pipe from its upper end, pumping apparatus. Henry Cor!.
more » ... tus. Henry Cor!. the Inventor of Grooved !Wilen and the Puddlln& of Iron.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03291856-228c fatcat:kdqgtioiorcenl5blr23xditl4