Does the glycogen synthase (EC of brown adipose tissue play a regulatory role in glucose homeostasis?

Zecharia Madar, Ayalah Harel
1991 British Journal of Nutrition  
Glycogen synthase (GS) activity was characterized in rat brown adipose tissue (BAT) and the activity was found to be much higher than that in white adipose tissue. Prolonged starvation had no effect on the active form of GS, as found in the liver and muscle. The GS activity was similar in BAT of rats housed in an animal room (21 1") whether they were fed on high-carbohydrate, high-fat, or stock diets. Acclimatizatioin of rats to cold (4 & 1") for 2 weeks significantly increased GS activity.
more » ... ed GS activity. This increase in the cold was fivefold greater when rats were fed on high-carbohydrate diets than in control rats at room temperature fed on an identical diet. The increase was accompanied by a large accumulation of glycogen in BAT. It was concluded that G S may play an important role in BAT and may contribute to the control of blood glucose in a cold environment. Its relevance to thermogenesis requires further elucidation. Fasting : High-carbohydrate diet: High-fat diet : Glycogen synthase
doi:10.1079/bjn19910013 pmid:1931910 fatcat:ooil55rir5flfjzfar4fomduaa