Channel Measurement and Feasibility Test for Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications

Inkyu Bang, Hyunwoo Nam, Woohyuk Chang, Taehoon Kim, Jong-Myung Woo, Choul-Young Kim, Tae-Won Ban, Pangun Park, Bang Jung
2019 Sensors  
Wireless avionics intra-communication (WAIC) refers to a wireless communication system among electronic components (e.g., sensors and actuators) that are integrated or installed in an aircraft and it is proposed to replace heavy and expensive wired communication cables. Recently, the use of a frequency band (4.2–4.4 GHz) for the WAIC (so-called, WAIC band) has been approved by international telecommunication union (ITU). Accordingly, several existing wireless protocols such as IEEE 802.11 and
more » ... s IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15 are being considered as candidate techniques for the intra-avionics sensor network. In this paper, we perform a real field experiment to investigate wireless channel characteristics in intra-avionics sensor networks at the WAIC bands by a software-defined radio platform (universal software radio peripheral, USRP) and self-produced monopole antennas for the WAIC band. Through the experiment, we validated the feasibility of IEEE 802.11 protocol for the intra-avionics sensor network at the WAIC band in real aircraft environments. Furthermore, based on the measurement data, we evaluated the bit error rate (BER) performance of multiple antenna techniques where we considered the maximum ratio combining (MRC) for the multi-antenna receiver and the space-time block coding (STBC) for the multi-antenna transmitter.
doi:10.3390/s19061294 fatcat:ab6qe3ejbvagjkpfonz567yroi