Muon Knight Shift in the Heavy-Fermion SuperconductorsU1−xThxBe13,x=0 and 0.033

R. H. Heffner, D. W. Cooke, Z. Fisk, R. L. Hutson, M. E. Schillaci, J. L. Smith, J. O. Willis, D. E. MacLaughlin, C. Boekema, R. L. Lichti, A. B. Denison, J. Oostens
1986 Physical Review Letters  
%e report the first Knight-shift studies of the heavy-fermion superconducting state. In 5 kOe the Knight shift of muons in superconducting Ui "Th"Bei3 remains near the normal-state value for x =0. 033, but shows an unexpected strong decrease for x-0. If the pairing is of odd parity, this decrease suggests that the anisotropic order parameter is pinned to the lattice. The qualitatively different behavior for x=0.033 reflects either spin-orbit scattering by Th doping or a change of pairing symmetry.
more » ... e of pairing symmetry.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.57.1255 pmid:10033397 fatcat:bcov3c6vkbgzrgt7hf5bnwsv4a