Precise predictions for electroweak $t\bar{t}$ production at the LHC in models with flavour non-diagonal $Z'$ boson couplings and $W'$ bosons

Mohammad Mahdi AlTakach, Tomas Jezo, Michael Klasen, Jean-Nicolas Lang, Ingo Schienbein
2021 Proceedings of 40th International Conference on High Energy physics — PoS(ICHEP2020)   unpublished
We report on our re-calculation of electroweak top-quark pair production in Standard Model extensions with extra heavy neutral and charged spin-1 particles at the LHC with substantial improvements. In particular, we allow for flavour-non-diagonal Z couplings and take into account non-resonant production in the Standard Model and beyond. As in our previous work we include NLO QCD corrections and match to parton showers with the POWHEG method fully taking into account the Standard Model and new
more » ... ard Model and new physics interference effects. We consider the Sequential Standard Model, the Topcolour model as well as the Third Family Hypercharge Model featuring non-flavour diagonal Z couplings which has been proposed to explain the anomalies in B decays. Numerical results for tt cross sections at hadron colliders with √ s of up to 100 TeV are presented. We also investigate the numerical impact of the new non-resonant contributions.
doi:10.22323/1.390.0315 fatcat:ervqiywnxjaynac63cmui6wrea