Dynamic layer formation in the reattachment zone for a supersonic laminar separation flow

Results of an experimental study of the flow structure in the region of reattachment of a supersonic laminar separated flow are reported. The separated flow is generated by a model shaped as a compression corner consisting of a horizontal flat plate followed by a ramp. The model with is equal to the plate length from the leading edge to the plate/ramp junction line. The ramp angle is varied in the interval phi = 20deg - 50deg. The free-stream Mach number is equal to 6 or 8. The analysis of the
more » ... he analysis of the Pitot pressure profiles near the ramp wall in the downstream direction behind the reattachment line confirms the existence of a high-pressure layer with the total pressure being appreciably greater than in the surrounding flow.
doi:10.13009/eucass2017-86 fatcat:ccrxe5maeje65hvkkkmnvb4a7q