Thinking About the Ultimate Argument for Realism [chapter]

Stathis Psillos
2009 Knowing the Structure of Nature  
Athens 15771 Greece * I want to dedicate this paper to Alan Musgrave. His exceptional combination of clear-headed and profound philosophical thinking has been a model for me. His commitment to, and defence of, realism have inspired and guided my own work in this area. I hope that our residual disagreements will not obscure our deep agreement. Sections 5 to 8 were inspired by a paper by P. D. Magnus and Craig Callender, titled "Retail Realism and Base Rate Neglect". I want to
more » ... hank Magnus and Callender for many useful comments.
doi:10.1057/9780230234666_3 fatcat:5d2gb5p2uzhbzo3qjg7pyrdmtm