Case study on the Competitiveness Comparisons of Karachi Port with the Neighbouring Emerging Ports in Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean

2020 NUST Business Review  
Purpose: This study evaluates competitiveness of emerging ports located in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. Traditionally, ports operational efficacy is evaluated only on basis of throughput, a case in point being the Lloyds International Port ranking. However, we do not concur with this approach and adopt a multicriteria methodology. Methodology: Three criteria - throughput, physical infrastructure, and performance are used to assess the operational efficacy of the ports. TOPSIS
more » ... with the "entropy weight" is used to devise weights for the chosen criteria and overall operational efficacy for each port is calculated. Results: The study revealed that infrastructure plays a critical role in the overall operational efficacy of the port. Karachi port is behind the contemporary ports in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf because of its inadequate infrastructure. The results also highlighted that Jawaharlal Nehru Port ranked highest in considered ports while Port of Mundra ranked the worst. Practical Implications: The study can provide an insight to the port users about the competitive advantage amongst ports. Moreover, it also identifies the areas that can be improved for better efficiency. Originality: The research article is novel because no similar study has been conducted specifically on the ports in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.
doi:10.37435/nbr-20-0014 fatcat:fwvg6w5j4nhurmgbo3d45f4yvi