Multiband Ballistic Transport and Anisotropic Commensurability Magnetoresistance in Antidot Lattices of AB-stacked Trilayer Graphene

Shingo Tajima, Ryoya Ebisuoka, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Ryuta Yagi
2020 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
Ballistic transport was studied in a multiple-band system consisting of an antidot lattice of AB-stacked trilayer graphene. The low temperature magnetoresistance showed commensurability peaks arising from matching of the antidot lattice period and radius of cyclotron orbits for each mono-and bilayer-like band in AB stacked trilayer graphene. The commensurability peak of the monolayer-like band appeared at a lower magnetic field than that of the bilayer-like band, which reflects the fact that
more » ... Fermi surface of the bilayer-like band is larger than that of monolayer-like band. Rotation of the antidot lattice relative to the crystallographic axes of graphene resulted in anisotropic magnetoresistance, which reflects the trigonally warped Fermi surface of the bilayer-like band. Numerical simulations of magnetoresistance that assumed ballistic transport in the mono-and bilayer-like bands approximately reproduced the observed magnetoresistance features. It was found that the monolayer-like band significantly contributes to the conductivity even though its carrier density is an order smaller than that of the bilayer-like band. These results indicate that ballistic transport experiments could be used for studying the anisotropic band structure of multiple-band systems.
doi:10.7566/jpsj.89.044703 fatcat:fheozzylbfeofopfi6klypgzc4