Ravi Goyal, Kapil Maheshwari
International Journal of Advances in Engineering Research   unpublished
Literature on maintenance management has so far been very limited. This paper reviews a large number of papers in this field and suggests a classification in to various areas and sub areas. Subsequently, various emerging trends in the field of maintenance management are identified to help researchers specifying gaps in the literature and direct research efforts suitably. This paper provides a classification, review and analysis of the literature of maintenance management practices in different
more » ... anufacturing organizations. There is a considerable amount of published research available concerning maintenance management during the last few decades. Thus one of the objectives of this literature review is to investigate the present state of management maintenance practices, based on studies conducted in different countries and published in a variety of journals over the past few decades. Another goal of this paper is to analyze the articles by year and type of journal they were published in, to determine the trends in maintenance management studies and recommend future direction for research. The paper provides many references and case studies on maintenance management. It gives useful references for maintenance management professionals and researchers working on maintenance management.