Creation Of A New Software Used For Palletizing Process

Dušan Kravec, Ondrej Staš, Marián Tolnay, Michal Bachratý
2012 Zenodo  
This article gives a short preview of the new software created especially for palletizing process in automated production systems. Each chapter of this article is about problem solving in development of modules in Java programming language. First part describes structure of the software, its modules and data flow between them. Second part describes all deployment methods, which are implemented in the software. Next chapter is about twodimensional editor created for manipulation with objects in
more » ... on with objects in each layer of the load and gives calculations for collision control. Module of virtual reality used for three-dimensional preview and creation of the load is described in the fifth chapter. The last part of this article describes communication and data flow between control system of the robot, vision system and software.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1080523 fatcat:rf4xbpbb3bazbaeqcwsrhey3qi