Cross-cultural Communication To mirror the society through the address of couples Le changement et l'évolution de la société à travers les appellations conjugales 從配偶稱謂看社會發展與變化

Zhang Xiaobing, Liu Qiong
: Language is a mirror of society. The address of couples means the vocative way of the couples, and is part of language which belongs to culture that is part of society. The address system in China, including the vocatives between husband and wife, reflects the changes and the characteristics of the society. The address of couples not only indicates the status of women in both the family and the society, but also embodies the changes and the development of the society. That is power and
more » ... is power and solidarity on the one hand, social differences, social changes and individuality on the other hand. Résumé: La langue est un miroir. L'appellation conjugale est la façon de s'appeler entre les époux. Elle fait partie du système linguistique. Et étant une partie de la culture , la langue appartient au domaine social. Le système