Iranian Mathematical Society Title:. On pm + and finite character bi-amalgamation Published by the Iranian Mathematical Society ON PM + AND FINITE CHARACTER BI-AMALGAMATION

Author, Tamekkante, E Bouba, M Tamekkante, E Bouba
2017 Bull. Iranian Math. Soc   unpublished
Let f : A → B and g : A → C be two ring homomor-phisms and let J and J ′ be two ideals of B and C, respectively, such that f −1 (J) = g −1 (J ′). The bi-amalgamation of A with (B, C) along (J, J ′) with respect of (f, g) is the subring of B × C given by A ▷◁ f,g (J, J ′) = {(f (a) + j, g(a) + j ′)/a ∈ A, (j, j ′) ∈ J × J ′ }. In this paper, we study the transference of pm + , pm and finite character ring-properties in the bi-amalgamation.