A Strategy of Fail Safety depends on Electric Motorcycle SOC Condition

Tae-Hyung Lee, Byeong-Woo Kim
2013 Advanced Science and Technology Letters   unpublished
In this papaer, we proposed the method of fail safety as SOC states. We have used a reliable model for electric motorcycle system that is modeled by a method of MBD(Model Based Design) using ASM(Automotive Simulation System) program. The Li-Ion battery used in this model could have a serious problem if it discharges to 10% of SOC(State of Charge). So, the supply of power would be limited before SOC reaches minimum line. When it comes to happen, a logic to control the power of electric
more » ... electric motorcycle effects to driving distance and time. To optimize control logic, a various type of control logic has been simulated. Turns out, we could propose proper fail safety logic to be met not only better driving distance and time but also better dynamic characteristics.
doi:10.14257/astl.2013.37.13 fatcat:mgtiy5akdvelffxhyptrvbzara