Multi-dimensional numerical simulations of type Ia supernova explosions [chapter]

F.K. Rpke
Reviews in Modern Astronomy  
The major role type Ia supernovae play in many fields of astrophysics and in particular in cosmological distance determinations calls for self-consistent models of these events. Since their mechanism is believed to crucially depend on phenomena that are inherently three-dimensional, self-consistent numerical models of type Ia supernovae must be multi-dimensional. This field has recently seen a rapid development, which is reviewed in this article. The different modeling approaches are discussed
more » ... nd as an illustration a particular explosion model -- the deflagration model -- in a specific numerical implementation is presented in greater detail. On this exemplary case, the procedure of validating the model on the basis of comparison with observations is discussed as well as its application to study questions arising from type Ia supernova cosmology.
doi:10.1002/9783527619030.ch6 fatcat:bor5brishjbk7mnwbbmhgv5kmu