Implementing program extraction from CL1-proofs [article]

Meixia Qu, Ke Chen, Daming Zhu, Junfeng Luan
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Computability logic (CoL) is a formal theory of interactive computation. It understands computational problems as games played by two players: a machine and its environment, uses logical formalism to describe valid principles of computability and formulas to represent computational problems. Logic CL1 is a deductive system for a fragment of CoL. The logical vocabulary contains all of the operators of classical logic and choice operators, the atoms represent elementary games i.e. predicates of
more » ... assical logic. In this paper, we present a program that takes a CL1-proof of an arbitrary formula F, and extract a winning strategy for F from that proof then play F using that strategy. We hope this paper would provide a starting point for further work in program extraction of the CoL-based arithmetic and other CoL-based applied systems.
arXiv:1311.6542v1 fatcat:7b3dlped3zaozgwj54lfpbc6wq