Effect of Watering Frequency on Proximate Analysis of Pink Oyster Mushroom

Mohammad Rahman, Uddin Kamal, Ahmed, Uddin Miah, Sonia Khatoon, Akram Hossain
2015 unpublished
Supplemented sawdust with different times of watering has profound effect on chemical composition of Pink Oyster mushroom. Three times watering per days on mushroom had highest amount of carbohydrate (42.42%) and lipid (4.66%) whereas moisture (90.39%), dry matter (10.01%) and crude fiber (21.81%) was highest at watering frequency of four times. Protein content was highest (32.37%) at two times per days of watering. Mineral content of the fruiting body found to be significantly varied on
more » ... ly varied on watering frequency. Increasing watering frequency was negatively correlated with the decreasing one. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium contents were highest when watering frequencies were one to two times per day. But Copper, Manganese and Zinc were obtained at highest levels for the three to four times of watering.