Sexual daydreams in a sample of Egyptian women

Ihab Younis, Rehab M Salem
2018 Women s Health  
Sexual fantasies (SFs) are defined as any thought or imagined scenario that is experienced as sexually arousing to a person. Patients and methods: Participants in this study were 257 women divided into 2 groups (unmarried and married) who responded to a self-report questionnaire. The questionnaire included questions about demographic data, questions dealing with SFs, and questions dealing with the sexual life in married women. Results: The commonest fantasy scenes were romantic scenes (66.7%
more » ... ic scenes (66.7% for group I and 55.0% for group II). A significant difference between the 2 groups was found in percentage of women fantasizing about a complete intercourse (4.8% for group I Vs 28.2% for group II). The most common frequency of SFs was once daily for group I (15.9%) and 2-3 times/week in group II (21.4%). Reaction to SFs in 78.6% of group I was doing nothing while 56.5% of group II have intercourse. The person imagined in SFs was most commonly a present or a future husband in both groups (68.3% and 85.5% respectively). The person imagined in SFs was always a woman as reported by 20.6% of group I and 0.8% of group II. Conclusion: A vast majority admitted that SFs occur at least rarely. They are more common among women aged 20-29 and among married women. The most common theme is a romantic scene with husbands. Frequency of SFs increases with active sexual behavior in marriage and with higher educational level. Female genital cutting at least does not have an effect on SFs.
doi:10.15406/mojwh.2018.07.00192 fatcat:zo3s7li2ejdr7b2wssjje6znvq