Ms Shenbagavalli, Naganandhini, Mrs Shanmugapriya
2016 International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Recent Technology   unpublished
The field of cloud computing is still in its infancy as far as implementation and usage, partly because it is heavily promoted by technology advancement and is so high resource dependent that researches in academic institutions have not had many opportunities to analyze and experiment with it. However, cloud computing arises from the IT technicians desire to add another layer of separation in processing information. At the moment, a general understanding of cloud computing refers to the
more » ... g concepts: grid computing, utility computing, software as a service, storage in the cloud and virtualization. With the introduction of numerous cloud based services and geographically dispersed cloud service providers, sensitive information of different entities are normally stored in remote servers and locations with the possibilities of being exposed to unwanted parties in situations where the cloud servers storing those information are compromised. If security is not robust and consistent, the flexibility and advantages that cloud computing has to offer will have little credibility. In this paper will analyses biometric authentication in cloud computing, its various techniques and how they are helpful in reducing the security threats. It provides a comprehensive and structured overview of biometric authentication for enhancing cloud security.