El estigma de las mujeres en reclusión en México: una mirada desde el interaccionismo simbólico

Carlos Augusto Hernández Armas
In the present essay the phenomenon of women in prison is approached from the symbolic interactionism approach, using as a central theoretical tool the category of stigma elaborated by Erving Goffman. The premise is that women are part of a process of captivity that occurs simultaneously in the factual and symbolic; because the desacreditables characteristics that are assigned to them when not fulfilling the social expectations towards their sort legitimizes in the moment that they are
more » ... t they are stigmatized by their entrance in the penal institutions. The social contexts in which the analysis is located are the Social Readaptation Centers of Mexico.
doi:10.25965/trahs.862 fatcat:bed7h2heprf3xjpq67bkbqwxie