Bacteriophage T4 Vaccine Platform for Next-generation Influenza Vaccine Development [article]

Mengling Li, Pengju Guo, Cen Chen, Helong Feng, Wanpo Zhang, Changqin Gu, Guoyuan Wen, Venigalla B Rao, Pan Tao
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Developing influenza vaccines that protect against a broad range of viruses is a public health priority, and several conserved viral proteins or domains have been identified as promising targets for such vaccine development. However, none of the targets is immunogenic, and vaccine platforms that can incorporate multiple antigens with enhanced immunogenicity are desperately needed. In this study, we provided proof-of-concept for the development of next-generation influenza vaccine using T4 phage
more » ... virus-like particle (VLP) platform. With extracellular domain of influenza matrix protein 2 (M2e) as a readout, we showed that more than 1,280 M2e molecules can be assembled on a 120×90 nanometer phage capsid to form T4-M2e VLPs, which are highly immunogenic and induced complete protection against influenza virus challenge without any addition adjuvant. Potentially, additional conserved antigens or molecular adjuvants could be incorporated into the T4-M2e VLPs to customize influenza vaccines to address different issues. All the components of T4 VLP vaccines can be mass-produced in E. coli in a short time, therefore, providing a rapid approach to deal with the potential influenza pandemic.
doi:10.1101/2021.06.14.448336 fatcat:2xlatxgpnjfr5ct4mhwsysde6a