Baserer de såkaldte Bartholinannaler sig på danske middelalderlige årbøger?

Svend Clausen
2022 Fund og Forskning i Det Kongelige Biblioteks samlinger  
Svend Clausen: Are the Annales Bartholiniani based on Danish medievalannals? The article discusses the so-called Annales Bartholiniani, written by the Danish scholarThomas Bartholin (1659‑1690). Analysis of a series of events that are clearly dated incorrectlyin the Annales Bartholiniani and a comparison of the dating of these eventswith the content of Danish medieval annals suggest that the inaccurate dating of suchevents in the Annales Bartholiniani must go back to the Danish medieval
more » ... ictraditions. This proves that a great deal of the content of the Annales Bartholinianimust go back either directly or indirectly to the content of Danish medieval annals. Italso points to the fact that there needs to be more discussion of the Annales Bartholinianiin future studies, as they also contain a great deal of information not availableelsewhere, and the close link between them and the content of Danish medieval annalsmakes it much more likely that Bartholin may have used also some Danish medievalannals now lost in addition to the medieval annals still known to us. In this respect,such an identified close link between the Annales Bartholiniani and the known contentof the Danish medieval annalistic traditions may help significantly in explaining alsosome of the otherwise unknown information present in the Annales Bartholiniani.Discussions of the content for years such as 1087 and 1142, for example, suggest thatspecific details such as these may go back directly or indirectly to a now lost medievalDanish annalistic tradition.
doi:10.7146/fof.v60i.130494 fatcat:6hshrvdfk5abbfiqe7tz7sitoq