Multipath-assisted Radio Sensing and Occupancy Detection for Smart In-house Parking in ITS [article]

Jonas Ninnemann, Paul Schwarzbach, Oliver Michler
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Joint, radio-based communication, localization and sensing is a rapidly emerging research field with various application potentials. Greatly benefiting from these capabilities, smart city, mobility, and logistic concepts are key components for maximizing the efficiency of modern transportation systems. In urban environments, both the search for parking space and freight transport are time- and space-consuming and present the bottlenecks for these transportation chains. Providing location
more » ... tion for these heterogeneous requirement profiles (both active and passive localization of objects), can be realized by using retrofittable wireless sensor networks, which are typically only deployed for active localization. An additional passive detection of objects can be achieved by assessing signal reflections and multipath properties of the transmission channel stored within the Channel Impulse Response (CIR). In this work, a proof-of-concept realization and preliminary experimental results of a CIR-based occupancy detection for parking lots are presented. As the time resolution is dependent on available bandwidth, the CIR of Ultra-wideband transceivers are used. For this, the CIR is smoothed and time-variant changes within it are detected by performing a background subtraction. Finally, the reflecting objects are mapped to individual parking lots. The developed method is tested in an in-house parking garage. The work provided is a foundation for passive occupancy detection, whose capabilities can prospectively be enhanced by exploiting additional physical layers, such as 5G or even 6G.
arXiv:2201.06128v1 fatcat:x6ughnonpfcobatlnhjqer4qjy