Broadband terahertz wave generation from an epsilon-near-zero material

Wenhe Jia, Meng Liu, Yongchang Lu, Xi Feng, Qingwei Wang, Xueqian Zhang, Yibo Ni, Futai Hu, Mali Gong, Xinlong Xu, Yuanyuan Huang, Weili Zhang (+2 others)
2021 Light: Science & Applications  
AbstractBroadband light sources emitting in the terahertz spectral range are highly desired for applications such as noninvasive imaging and spectroscopy. Conventionally, THz pulses are generated by optical rectification in bulk nonlinear crystals with millimetre thickness, with the bandwidth limited by the phase-matching condition. Here we demonstrate broadband THz emission via surface optical rectification from a simple, commercially available 19 nm-thick indium tin oxide (ITO) thin film. We
more » ... ITO) thin film. We show an enhancement of the generated THz signal when the pump laser is tuned around the epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) region of ITO due to the pump laser field enhancement associated with the ENZ effect. The bandwidth of the THz signal generated from the ITO film can be over 3 THz, unrestricted by the phase-matching condition. This work offers a new possibility for broadband THz generation in a subwavelength thin film made of an ENZ material, with emerging physics not found in existing nonlinear crystals.
doi:10.1038/s41377-020-00452-y pmid:33414366 fatcat:xsbjxeg3mjeaxg5escpupmhaf4